The Sparrow Bakery Northwest

The Sparrow Bakery Northwest

Northwest Crossing

Our Newest Restaurant

Welcome to The Sparrow Bakery Northwest.  Our newest location is in the Northwest Crossing neighborhood near Summit High school.  We opened our doors in November of 2014.  The new restaurant offers more seating both inside in the dining room and outside on the patio.  While most of our menu is the same, there are some slight differences.  Here are some of our yummy offerings.

Breakfast Anyone?

Ocean Rolls from the Sparrow Bakery NorthwestThe city of Bend, Oregon is a town that is truly passionate about breakfast.  The area is blanketed with great spots to get anything from a bagel to-go or a sit down meal.  At The Sparrow Bakery Northwest breakfast is one of our specialties.  Here are a few of the things that we offer every day.

By far our best seller is our Ocean Rolls.  Starting with our buttery croissant dough, we then sprinkle it with cardamom, vanilla, and sugar.  Each Ocean Roll is then rolled by hand and baked to golden perfection.  The result is a combination of flavors you have taste to fully appreciate.  These guys are one of the recipes that put Sparrow on the map.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more robust we have a bacon breakfast sandwich. We take one of our buttery, flakey  croissants and cut it in half.  Inside we place our homemade aioli, bacon, arugula, a poached egg, and avocado slices.  The flavor combination is perfect and contrast in texture between the crispy croissant and the perfectly poached egg makes it feel like there’s a party in your mouth!  We also offer a version of the sandwich without bacon.

We also have some other sweets on offer for breakfast.  Our chocolatines and two varieties of cookies.  Chocolatines are made from our croissant dough into which we roll dark chocolate chips.

The COCC and peanut butter chocolate chip are the two cookie flavors we offer.  The COCC is loaded with cranberries, chocolate chips, rolled oats, and coconut flakes.  This guy is famous for quelling even the most ravenous appetite.

The peanut butter chocolate chip is our version of the classic.  peanut butter and chocolate, how could this be wrong?  Both of our cookies use a mix of brown and white sugar to achieve the perfect balance of crunchy and chewy.

We also offer traditional breakfast choices we like our steel-cut oats, which we serve with cream, brown sugar, toasted pecans, and dried cherries.  So if you’re in Central Oregon and looking for the best breakfast around, we’ve got you covered.

Of course you can wash all of this deliciousness down with a range of coffee drinks that we offer.

Something for Lunch


Looking for a great spot to do lunch?  We serve a variety of salads, soups, and delicious sandwiches.  You’d be hard pressed find a better lunch anywhere in Deschutes county.  The Monte Cristo is one of our most popular sandwiches.  It starts with two thick slices of Miche bread that are battered and baked to a golden brown.  Then we add a layer of raspberry jam and a house-made onion marmalade.  Then we add smoked turkey and creamy gruyere.  It’s the perfect balance of sweet, smokey, and savory.  And turkey! 🙂  You gotta try it.

The Croque Monsieur is another popular choice for lunch.  This sandwich starts with our buttery brioche bun, then we add ham, gruyere, a béchamel, and some spicy stone-ground mustard.  Mmmm.  So good.

We also make our own Sparrow version of the classic Waldorf chicken salad sandwich.  This one starts with a hand-rolled croissant.  Next comes our home made Waldorf salad.  This includes grapes, apple, blue cheese, walnut, celery, green onion, tarragon, & greens.  The balance of flavors go extremely well with the rich buttery flavor of our croissants.

Want a bit more heat?  Yoly’s Torta is a Mexican pulled-pork sandwich served on a brioche bun.  Served with a red chili sauce, lettuce, avocado, and onion this is a flavor packed pork sandwich with some fire.

If you’re looking for lighter fare we also offer a seasonal salad selection.  The ingredients change with what’s currently in season.  They range from beets to butternut squash. We make all of our dressings in house specifically to highlight the other ingredients.  Be sure to ask our staff about the salad when you come in!

How About a Little Dinner?

Our Northwest Crossing location is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm and Saturday – Sunday 8am – 3pm.  And all of our menu items are available all day long.  So if you’re looking for an early dinner spot don’t hesitate to stop by.  We also offer a selection of wine, beer, and cider.  We even have mimosas if the mood strikes.

In addition to all of our prepared foods we offer our full selection of breads.  These are a great addition to whatever you might be cooking tonight.  The options include a baguette, miche, dark walnut, pain rustique, and a Jewish rye.

If you’ve never experienced all that The Sparrow Bakery has to offer we hope you will stop by our newest location in Northwest Crossing.  You can find our address information here.

Our Home Town

The town of Bend is an amazing place to live.  We are blessed with warm sunny days in the summer, and beautiful snowy landscapes in the winter.   With the Cascades range, Mt Bachelor, and the Deschutes river at our back doorstep there are endless outdoor activities in which to partake.

In addition to the beautiful natural surroundings, we are also surrounded by the wonderful people of Central Oregon.  You would be hard pressed to find so many amazing restaurants in any other town of this size.  And this is due in no small part to our loyal and supportive customers.

Since we opened our doors on Scott Street in 2006 this town has been incredibly supportive of our efforts to provide delicious and beautiful food.  We look forward to building the same relationship with the community around our new restaurant in Northwest Crossing.


The Sparrow Bakery Northwest

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