The Sparrow Bakery Northwest

Cafe and Bread Shop

At The Sparrow Bakery we are proud to serve a wide variety of baked goods and fine pastries to the wonderful city of Bend Oregon.  Our daily offering includes all off the following sweet and savory baked goods.

Baked Goods

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##Ocean Roll
** Our famous, hand folded, croissant dough filled with freshly ground cardamom, vanilla, and sugar: a true original.

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** When Sparrow first opened in 2006 we had neither the money nor the space to purchase a mechanical dough “sheeter” and thus folded all our croissant dough by hand. All these years later and our croissants is still hand folded which produces a rustic, imperfect dough that Bendites have learned to covet for it’s unique character.



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**Our famous hand-rolled croissant dough filled with dark chocolate chips.

##Almond Croissant

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##Ham, Thyme, & Gruyere Croissant
**Our hand-folded croissant dough paired with smoked ham, fresh thyme, and gruyere cheese.
==$5.85 each

##Jalapeño Croissant
**Out hand-folded croissant dough paired with rich cream cheese and spicy jalapeños.


Bakery Classics

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##Banana Bread
**Hands down some of the best banana bread you’ll ever have. Buy a loaf, you won’t regret it – great for breakfast, after school snacks, healthful dessert, a gift for neighbors or friends. Not raisins, no nuts.
==$2.5-slice / $9.50-loaf

##Boiled Sourdough Bagels
**You’re just not gonna find another bagel like it. Limited flavors, the “smoked salt” not to be missed. Also available with cheese, or poppyseeds.

**Buttery and flakey with flavors that change daily.

##COCC Cookie
**Locally relevant acronym for the Central Oregon Community College, this is an out of this world everything cookie: cranberry, oats, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes.

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##Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie
**Rich peanut butter and chocolate chips form a classic cookie combination.

##Carrot Cake
**Good enough to have it’s own loyal following: done in a vintage coffee cake bundt pan, glazed, not frosted, no nuts.
==$4-slice / $32-whole

##Chocolate Bouchon
** Denser than your average brownie but also much higher quality chocolate, a sprinkle of sea salt, guaranteed to satisfy the most serious chocoholic.

**A lemon and almond custard, with a hint of rum, baked in copper molds lined with beeswax. A tradition of Bordeaux that you must experience to appreciate.

**With hints of cinnamon and nutmeg our homemade granola is available in two varieties: seeded and pecan.


Of course you can always just pop in for a cup of French press coffee or chai tea any day of the week as well.

Whether you live on the West Side in Bend or on the East side our two locations have you covered. We are proud to have become a popular destination both for locals and visitors to Central Oregon.

Headed to Mt Bachelor for a day of skiing? Our baked goods are the perfect snack on your way up to the mountain. You can also get all of our sandwiches pre-ordered for pickup.

Info & Directions

The Sparrow Bakery Northwest

2748 NW Crossing Dr #110
Bend, OR 97703

(541) 647-2323