Looking for the Best Breakfast in Bend Oregon?

Looking for the Best Breakfast in Bend Oregon?

The Sparrow Bakery Northwest offers breakfast in Bend Oregon

One of our favorite meals of the day is breakfast.  And here at the Sparrow Bakery Northwest we take pride in offering what we consider the best breakfast in Bend Oregon.  Here are a few of the items we offer every day of the week.

Our Signature Dishes

The first thing that comes to most peoples mind when they think of The Sparrow Bakery Northwest Restaurant is Ocean Rolls.  If you’ve never tried one then you are in for a treat.  We start with our hand-rolled croissant dough.  We then sprinkle it with a generous helping of cardamom, vanilla, and sugar.  Next we roll it up much like a traditional cinnamon roll.  Then it’s baked to golden brown perfection.

The combination of these flavors caramelize together creating a deliciously aromatic pastry that is perfectly chewy and crunchy.  It is perfectly paired with a cup of French press coffee or cappuccino.

Coming in at a close second is our bacon breakfast sandwich.  We start by cutting one of our flakey, buttery croissants in half.  Inside goes a pair of in-house smoked bacon.   Next comes some arugula, avocado, and aioli.  Finally comes the perfectly cooked poached egg topped with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Cut this guy in half to let the yolk spill all over the other ingredients and you’ll be in heaven.  Each bite is a symphony of flavors that will have you dreaming of this sandwich nightly!

Another popular breakfast choice is our homemade granola.  They’re the perfect combination of oats, butter, honey, spices and nuts or seeds.  These are served over yogurt and are the perfect treat when you’re in the mood for something other than baked goods.  You can even purchase it by the pound to take home and eat.

Bagels and Breads

Every day at The Sparrow Bakery Northwest we prepare fresh bagels.  We carry three varieties.  Smoked salt is our most popular.  We also have cheese that is either gruyere or muenster.  Finally we offer a poppyseed bagel.  All three can be ordered with cream cheese.  But for the ultimate bagel experience you should try our Lox.  It’s pile high with cream cheese, smoked salmon, pickled onions, and capers.  This one will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite.

If you’re looking for something slightly sweeter we also offer our homemade banana bread.  Made with tons of fresh bananas this has traditionally been one of our top sellers.  You can even find it in coffee shops all over Bend.  With the perfect blend of cinnamon and nutmeg this moist and chewy bread satisfies your hunger without being overly sweet.

If you’re in the mood for chocolate first thing in the morning then our chocolatine.  For this tasty treat we roll dark chocolate up in our croissant dough and bake it until golden brown.  We also offer a daily selection of scones.  Ask our staff for the flavor of the day as it changes regularly.

So if you’re in Bend and looking for the perfect breakfast spot, stop by The Sparrow Bakery.  Here’s a handy map to help you find both of our locations.

More information on the breakfast items at our Northwest Crossing restaurant