Sparrow Bakery’s Safety Precautions

A Letter to the Public and our Customers

Thank you for placing an order with “Wing: Home-Deliveries”!! We understand you may be nervous about allowing food into your home. Below I have detailed some advice and tips on protecting yourself and your family when allowing locally prepared food in your home, but first a note on how we are conducting business in our facility.

During this unprecedented crisis I feel it is important for me to remind consumers that Food Service Industry workers under-go a required food handling training: Food Service workers are some of the few members of your community trained to properly handle “unseen” pathogens like germs and bacteria – skills that translate well when being asked to now properly protect against the transmission of a virus.

Our Safety Measures

All of your food was prepared in our Production Facility. This facility is not open to the public. We are sanitizing all handled surfaces in this facility on a regular schedule throughout the day. Employees are wearing gloves when handling your prepared foods, are required to maintain distance from their coworkers, are not allowed to work when displaying any symptoms of illness, and are well supported by semi-weekly communications from ownership and management on the ever-evolving situation.  These people are well trained to handle your food – they know that proper care is the only way they can continue to work.

When your food is delivered your driver will:

a) be wearing gloves,
b) place the food on the door step,
c) ring the door bell,
e) give you a warm greeting and thank you, from a distance before departing.

If you do not answer the door your food will be left at the door.

When you bring the food into your home: If you have Clorox wipes I encourage you to wipe down all packaging. Wash your hands well after wiping the exterior packaging of your food.

If you are able to leave your food untouched on the counter or in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours this is the ultimate protective step – this will be harder for some of you than others (wink), but we understand that for some of our customers every possible step will be necessary.

Additionally, if you are buying one of our entrée items, or when it is possible if you can heat or warm up your purchases to a minimum of 100 degrees (150 for prepared foods like entrees) this will also help to kill pathogens.

If we are doing our job right none of the above actions will be necessary, but as this is an unseen and “silent” threat we cannot make any guarantees – it will be up to each customer and their family the extent of care they go through when receiving food into the home.

Thank you SO much for purchasing food through “Wing: Home-Deliveries”!! You are keeping many Sparrow employees at work and supporting their families – if you have a good experience with your order today I highly encourage you to consider ordering regularly – we would be forever grateful.

Love, Sparrow